Thursday, April 14, 2011

True Friend vs Fake Friend

As an extrovert person, I used to express the way I feel toward something or someone. I can't pretend that I'm enjoying something that I'm not or pretending enjoying to spend my time with someone when I don't. I'm not able to pretend. Just say I'm too expressive....or in my own words: being honest with myself and others.

One day, one of my colleagues came to me. She warned me that I have to becareful as not everyone who acts nicely to me is truly nice. I tried to figure out, reversed my memories...really tried to understand her words and her intention to warn me that way. There must be something happened so that she said so.

Some memories glimpsed......ah, I understand why she said that! Bad gossips about me had spreaded out. Indeed it hurts but I'm not weak. Bad gossips would fade away and the truth would stand still. People are seeking for evidence, they can judge which one is true and which one is false.

Thanks to the Lord above that now I know who are my true friends and who are fake ones. From then I hold detailed information for those I trust. The value of a true friend would show up not only when you're happy but when you face problem as well. Indeed friend is one who not pretend and you're comfortable with who you really are when you're together.


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