Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make Me Sweat

I know for most people, especially for women my wish is really strange. I want to sweat...yeah, SWEAT!

I don't remember when if I ever sweat in my life. People say that maybe I don't have enough exercise or activities to make me sweat. Oh they definetely don't know me if they say that. I'm a gymnastic atlet, for sure I exercise a lot and in my daily life, I don't like to do nothing.

Most of my female friends and collegues are envy me for I can't sweat. They said it's good because I don't need to put powder on my face over and over again hahahaha silly!

Another reason they envy me because I never have problem with odour. I made an experiment once myself. I wore the same clothes for the whole week...and the result was my clothes smell exactly the same. So, if sometimes I went to the department store and met some sales girls who offered me some deodorant, I could only smile. I don't need any deodorant.

I just returned from my trip to Jakarta to meet some of my friends there. On the second day of my trip there, my friends took me to Ancol Beach. We're walking around the beach the whole day long. I carried a heavy backpack on my back while walking. All my friends were sweating so badly which cause their T-shirt became wet but I didn't even have a tiny drop of sweat and my friends became amazed.

One of sweat functions is to cool down one's body when someone is on high temperature area or after having such activities. They don't know how it feel for not sweating. It feels like burnt inside, like having flame inside your body. It's so uncomfortable.

I've met doctor to consult about my problem. He found nothing wrong with my body metabolism so he suggested me to consume as much water as I could so body wasted liquid could "thrown away" from urine instead of sweat.

So tell me, is it my luck or my weakness of being someone who can't sweat?


Starlight said...

In my opinion, it's a weakness. So, you should drink a lot to cool down your body, OK?

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